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------------------------ Since I started this brand, I dreamed of what the catalog would look like. Model shots, macro details, staged outfits or usage photos, full color two-page spreads, the list goes on. So when I threw together these catalog ready ads for Facebook and Linkedin, I knew I had the inner workings of what will probably become the face of each category page. Gathering all the photography has certainly been a work in progress. Selecting environments, props, models... has all been a learning process. Sometimes I could not find the proper lighting for something and would take a shot anyway for the sake of getting something to use for the time being. Photoshop helped get everything showroom ready - or at least as best as it was gonna get! A big challenge was simply accepting the fact that I can always change things later, and that things don't have to be 100% right out the gate. I was hesitating to push the button even though the launch was ready to go. As a dear friend

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